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How to do EPF UAN activation? Complete information for UAN registration

Epf uan activation

Hello friends, ‘Employee Provident Fund Organization‘ of EPFO ​​has launched online EPF portal for the convenience of all EPF holders. You can easily do all your personal details (eg name, address, date of birth.etc) details, EPF balance etc. online by logging UAN in this portal. In this article, how to activate your PF account online through UAN number, it has been explained in detail. In addition, information about EPF UAN activation / UAN registration will be found step by step in this article.

Epf uan activation

What is UAN?

Full form of UAN is Universal Account Number. This is such a number from which you can manage your PF Account online. UAN is a unique number from which you can login UAN in your EPF account. From UAN member portal, you can do work like checking EPF balance, transfer money from your old EPF account to new EPF account, PF withdrawal. That is, with UAN you can do all the work which is present in EPF account.

You can do this work online on doing EPF UAN Activation.

  • Updating EPF UAN KYC
  • Download EPF Passbook
  • Updating Employee personal details, such as name, gender, date of birth, etc.
  • KYC update tracking
  • EFP Account Merge – You can merge your old and new PF account into a single UAN login.
  • PF balance withdrawal

Important Things for UAN Activation

  • Registered Mobile Number – The mobile number given during EPFO ​​registration is required to be with you.
  • You must have a EPF UAN number. (It will be written on your payment slip)
  • If you do not know the UAN number, it is necessary to have an EPF ID address. (It will be written on your payment slip)
  • If you do not have a UAN number or EFP number, and you must have an Aadhar card number
  • If you do not have a UAN number, EFP number or even aadhar card, then use PAN card.

How To Know Your UAN

During EPF UAN activation you need to know your UAN number. If your UAN number is not known, then you can find your uan by following methods.

  • Through Employer – You can find your UAN number from your employer (HR Department).
  • From payment slip – It will be written on your payment slip.
  • Through the EPF Portal This is easily done by entering your pf account number, name, mobile number etc. from the ‘Know your UAN Status‘ tab on the website Can find out

How To Generate UAN Number

If you do not have your UAN number, you can generate it yourself. For this, you have to have PF number, aadhar number, ration card, PAN card, mobile number etc.

  • Open the site of epf portal in your phone / computer.
  • Now click on the option of Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment.
  • Enter your UAN number and verify aadhar number from OTP on mobile.
  • Now on the next screen, enter all the things asked for your epf number, PAN number, name, date of birth etc.
  • After entering all the things, click on submit button, on the next screen you will be told about the UAN number generated and you will get it through SMS in your mobile.

Methods of EPF UAN Activation

You can easily do online UAN registration through any one of the methods given below.

  1. UAN registration from EPFO ​​portal
  2. UAN Activation via sending SMS in mobile
  3. UAN registration from EPF App

1. How to do UAN activation in EPFO ​​portal?

With the help of the step by step guide given below, you can easily do UAN activation and UAN registration.

  • STEP 1 First of all, open the website EPF member E-seva of UAN activation portal in your browser.
  • STEP 2 – Click on the option of activate UAN from the important links section just below UAN login from the opened window.

Epf uan activation

  • STEP 3 – Here you have to enter all the details asked.

Choose one of the UAN, Member ID, Aadhar card number and PAN in 4 options.

  • UAN – Enter your UAN number.
  • Member ID – If you do not know UAN ID, enter EPF number here. You will find this number written on the payment slip
  • AADHAAR card number – If you do not have a UAN number or EFP number, enter Aadhar card number here
  • PAN card number – If you do not have UAN number, EFP number or even aadhar card, then enter PAN card number here.
  • Name – Type your full name here.
  • Mobile Number – Enter your registered mobile number here.
  • Email ID – If you have an email ID, enter here. If the email id is not there, leave this option blank.
  • Captcha – Enter the CAPTCHA code written in the image just above this option.

Epf uan activation

  • STEP 4 – After filling all the details, click on Get Authorization Pin.
  • STEP 5 – OTP will be received on your mobile in a few moments, enter this OTP in the field asked. And click on Validate OTP and Activate UAN.
  • STEP 6 -On the next screen you will be told about your UAN number being activated.
  • STEP 7 – Now UAN login password will be sent via SMS to your phone, with the help of which you can login on EPFO ​​portal.

In these 7 easy steps, you have successfully completed the UAN activation process.

After UAN registration, now you can download your UAN Card. If for some reason you are not able to get EPF UAN Activation through EPFO ​​Portal, then you can do this work with other options also. This option is given below.

2. How to do UAN Activation via SMS

  • You must have the register mobile number in your epf account.
  • Go to the new message from the phone message section and type the format given below.

EPFOHO UAN <first three letters of the preferred language>

  • Now send this message to 7738299899 this number.
  • You will get a message of your UAN being activated in reply.

What are the benefits of UAN number?

UAN number is a number that shows all your EPF account simultaneously and all the services related to your PF account are found at one place. Online PF management has made the pf related work of many employees easier. According to a recent decision of the Employees Provident Fund Organization, now you will be able to withdraw your PF money in 3 days.

What benefit will you get from doing EPF UAN Activation / Registration

Once you activate the UAN number and link the UAN number, then you will be able to do all the work related to EPF from your phone / computer. For this, you no longer need to visit PF office / your employer again and again. You will be able to update your PF KYC details right from home, update your PF details, see your PF balance online, even be able to see and print your PF statement. After retiring / leaving work, you will be able to remove your pf balance online.

That means you will be able to do almost all the work online. It is now mandatory to activate UAN anyway, that’s why you should activate your UAN soon.

How to link Aadhar Card to EPF UAN.

It has become mandatory to link your Aadhar card with UAN account. If you have not yet linked your aadhar number to uan, then link it to the steps given below soon.

  • Register the UAN from the UAN portal website guide above and login to the UAN.
  • Now click on the Manage tab from the menu and select KYC option.
  • Now enter your Aadhar Card number and enter your name given in aadhar card in exact form.
  • If you have to enter any other details then do that also.
  • After fill all the details, click on the Save Button.
  • These details will now be approved by your Employer in a few days and your aadhar card will be linked to uan number.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about UAN Registration / Activation

  • Having Trouble Activating a UAN Number? -If you are facing an error in UAN activation, then you should check that the personal details given in your PF account are being received from the aadhar card. If your details are not being received from aadhar card, then contact your employer and get the EPF details updated.
  • There is no Aadhar Card link in UAN account if you are able to login UAN and have not link aadhar card, then click on Aadhar card linking option from epfo portal and get your aadhar card linked UAN account.
  • Forgot UAN login password? -If you have forgotten the login password, you can recover your password or set a new password with the option of forgot password.

If you face any kind of problem during EPF UAN activation, then do tell in the following By comment. And do not forget to share with your friends too.

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