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How To Apply Driving License Online? -Complete information

How to apply online for Driving License

In this article, We give you the information about How To Apply Driving License Online and we hope that you will get complete information about it.

If you drive a vehicle, then you must have Driving License such as You must have Driving License to drive a car, bus, truck etc. If you also want to drive a motor vehicle then you have to have a valid driving license.


Driving license allows the driver to be able to drive, the driving license is also an identity card, the driving license is an official document issued by the Government of India.


Under the Motor Vehicle Act issued in 1988, No person can drive without a driving license, and if he is caught driving without a driving license, he may have to pay fine.

So know how driving license is made online, if you also have to make driving license then read this article completely.

Information on Driving License

To apply the driving license online, firstly go to the Sarathi website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the Goverment of India, after opening the website, you will see the letter written Apply Online For, click on the Application Form For New LL And DL below it. There will be a new page open, you have to fill that form correctly, let’s know how to fill the form online.

How To Apply Online For Driving License

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Select Licence

First of all, you have to select which license you want. If you are applying for Learning License then click on Learning License, and if you are applying for new Driving License then click on New Driving License.

How to apply driving licence online

After clicking on the New Driving License, you will have a New Page Open.

Applicant Details

  • Aadhar Number: Enter your Aadhar Number.
  • Select State: Select your state.
  • Select RTO / DTO: Your selected state’s list of RTO / DTO will come select your RTO / DTO.
  • Date Of Birth: Add Your Date Of Birth.
  • Applicant Name: Enter the applicant’s full name, First Name, Middle Name, and Surname.
  • Relation: Choose one option from your Father / Husband and enter their full name in the option you have selected.
  • Select Gender: Male / Female.
  • Phone Number: Write Phone Number.
  • Mobile Number: Enter Mobile Number.
  • Age: Do not make a mistake by writing your correct age carefully.
  • Place Of Birth: In this, you write your place of birth.
  • Country Of Birth: Write India in it.
  • Citizenship Status By: If you are born in India, then choose the option of birth.
  • Blood Group: Write your blood group.
  • Email Address: Write your Email Address.
  • Education Qualification: Select how far you have studied in Education Qualification,

Apply driving licence

Then Click on Continue.

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Address Details

In this, you have to give your address details

  • State: Select State.
  • District: Select your district.
  • Flat Number: Write flat number in it.
  • Flat / House name: If not written then leave blank.
  • House number / plot number: Write your house number.
  • Street: Write the name of your street.
  • Locality: Write the locality near your house.
  • Village / Town / City: Write the name of your village or city.
  • Taluka / Mandal: Write which Taluka / Mandal you are.
  • Pincode: Write Pincode |
  • Duration of Stay at This Address: Write down how long you have been living at this address and Then Click Continue.

Driving licence apply

Vehicle Details

In this, you have to give details of your vehicle, the Applicant can select the vehicle he drives out of 19 types of vehicles, the applicant should select the same vehicle that he is going to drive, after selecting the vehicle, the applicant should select the vehicle. complete details of the vehicle will have to be given here.

Vehicle information


You have to give information about which documents to put in it. And Xerox Of Documents will have to be applied. It is only through these documents that the identity, age, address, and license of the applicant that he is making are given information about the Learning License or Driving License.


Vehicle Information

Now it will be told to you that the applicant has installed all the documents. And its application has been sent forward. Now Click on Submit, in the next page you will get the Application Number, you can get information about your driving license from this application number.

With Application Number, you can Check the Status of your Driving License, note down the Application number somewhere.

Friends, this was the information for Apply Driving License Online, now we will tell you what is considered in the Driving License.

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Driving License Documents

Proof Of Address

  • Ration Card
  • Voter Id Card
  • Electricity bill
  • Aadhar Card
  • Water bill
  • Pan card

Proof Of Date Of Birth

  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter Id Card
  • 10th Marksheet

What Are The Types Of Driving License

  • Learning licence
  • Permanent licence
  • International Driving licence
  • Duplicate Driving licence
  • Light Motor Vehicle licence
  • Heavy Motor Vehicle licence

How Many Days Driving License takes to Make?

It takes a minimum of one month to build a Driving License and can take a maximum of 2 months.


In this post, we told you how to apply for driving license online, friends, this was the information about getting Driving License Online, you can Apply Driving License Online by following this article.

Friends, Did you like the information about How to Apply Driving License then you must share it with your friends. If you have any question related to this post, then you can ask your Questions in the Comment box, we will solve your problem. Thank you.

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