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How to check PNR Status? – Simple way to download E-Ticket


How to check PNR Status, you will know today through this post. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. Similarly, you continued to like every post on our blog.

All of you must have been traveling in a train for which you would have taken a ticket. Crores of people travel by train today. After booking a train ticket, it is a problem whether the ticket is confirmed or not and it is very difficult to get a seat during the holidays. It is very difficult to know whether your ticket is confirmed or not.How-to-check-pnr-status

But the journey of the train is the most comfortable and if the reservation is done, then the journey becomes even more comfortable. Sometimes due to the seat being full, you are also given a ticket in the waiting list. In which you have to see it daily, which is your number in the waiting list. Here we will tell you to check train status from PNR Number.

So let’s know how to find PNR, if you also want to get seat information from PNR Number, then this post is How to check PNR Status read it from beginning to end only then you will get complete information and you will get your ticket from PNR Number Will be able to check.

What is PNR Number

PNR Number means Passenger Name Record. This is a 10 digit number. This 10 digit number has complete information about the passenger. Indian Railways is also known as Bharatiya Railway. It is the biggest means of movement of our country. It travels 2 crore people every day. PNR Number is a unique 10 digit code. It is written in the top left corner of the ticket. Through this number, you can get information about your reservation seat, such as – seat number, waiting seat information, etc.

How to find PNR Number

To know the PNR Number, you have to follow the steps given below. Through this, you can get information about your seat.

Step 1: Go To Website

First of all, you have to go to its website

Pnr status check

Step 2: Enter PNR Number

Here you have to enter your PNR Number.

Step 3: Click Submit

And now click on submit and submit your PNR Number.

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How to check PNR Status from mobile

If you cannot see PNR Status online, then we are telling you the process of watching offline status. Using this, you will be able to view PNR Status from your phone without internet. In this method, you only have to do one message. By messaging, you can just check whether your ticket is confirmed or not.

Open Message Box

First of all, open your message box.

Type A Message

Now you have to send a message. In the message, you enter PNR <space> 10 Digit PNR Number.

Send Message

Now send this message to 139.

How4 To Check PNR Status from IRCTC

You can also see PNR Number from the website of IRCTC. You can also book your train ticket on this.

Step 1: Login IRCTC AccountLogin to irctc

First of all, you have to log in to your IRCTC Account, to create an account on this you can take help of this post of “How to create IRCTC User ID?”

Step 2: Click Booked Ticket History

After login, click on Booked Ticket History.

Step 3: Your Ticket

After this you can see your booked ticket in the next screen.

Here, click on Get PNR Status. As soon as you click on it, you will see all the details of your ticket. Whether your ticket is confirmed or not and how much waiting is there.

How to get tickets from PNR Number

If you want to get a ticket from PNR Number, then follow the steps given below. Through which you will be able to get train tickets from PNR Number.

Step 1: Login IRCTC Account

First of all log in to your IRCTC Account.

Step 2: Click My Account

After logging in, click on My Account.

Step 3: Click My TransactionBooked ticket history

Select the option of My Transactions in My Account, select it.

Step 4: Click Book History

In this, you have to click on Book Ticket History.

Step 5: Select Ticket

Here you will see all the booked tickets. Click on the ticket you want to print.

Step 6: Click Print E-TicketE ticket download

After clicking on the ticket, you will see the option of Print E-Ticket, click on it. You can get a printout by clicking on it.

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Benefits of PNR Number

There are also many benefits of PNR number which you will know further. Let us know what are the advantages of PNR.

  • It is a 10 digit passenger name record. In this 10 digit number, complete information about the traveler is found.
  • In which class you will travel, what will be your first and last station, from which station have you made a reservation, this detail is also known by this number.
  • Transaction details are also received from PNR Number itself.
  • Given the security and privacy, the details of PNR Number are not generalized. IRCTC keeps updating PNR status.
  • You can see the status of your booked ticket.
  • You can search ticket book, ticket cancell, train etc.


You learned in today’s post. How to check PNR Status, along with this you have also learned how to check PNR Status, hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.

If you also have to check the seat from PNR Number, then for this, please take help of this post. How to know PNR Status, you must have known well through this post. Tell us how you liked this information.

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